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The Ways to Maintain and Clean WPC Decking and WPC Fence Sep 30, 2022

1. WPC is a durable and strong material. You don't have to maintain it like solid wood flooring. It will stay like new for a long time. So it can eliminate your maintenance costs. 

2. If there is dust and other stains on the wpc floor. Just use a brush to clean them. For wpc fence, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

3. How to clean dirt like grease stains after cooking? If you are using co-extruded WPC flooring, you can simply rinse it with water, as co-extruded WPC has an outer layer to protect it from oil contamination. If you use classic wpc flooring, you must clean it with detergent. 

detergent  [dɪˈtɜːdʒənt]  详细X
n. 洗涤剂,去污剂
adj. 使清洁的,(与)清洁添加剂(有关)的
detergent: 洗衣粉
cationic detergent: 阳离子型洗涤剂
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