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  • Eco-friendly Portable House\Office with the Comforts of Home
    Experience the freedom of a Eco-friendly Portable House\Office with the Comforts of Home. Our innovative solution combines convenience, mobility, and the luxuries of a traditional home or office space. Whether you're looking for a portable living space or a mobile workspace, our customizable designs offer a range of amenities and modern comforts. Enjoy a fully functional kitchen, cozy bedrooms, and ergonomic work areas, all in a portable and adaptable package. With durable construction and versatile layouts, our Eco-friendly Portable House\Office with the Comforts of Home provides the flexibility to create your ideal living or working environment. Embrace the convenience of portable living or working without sacrificing the comforts of home. This type of expandable folding house does not have any functional rooms or facilities, but it does come with preset circuit systems. The inclusion of a 1.8 meter glass sliding door on the side makes it more comfortable and versatile for a variety of purposes. It can be easily transformed into different types of spaces, including an office, dining room, classroom, clinic, isolation or quarantine room, storage area, or even a grocery store, among other options.  
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