Energy-efficient prefab metal homes
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  • Foldable Mobile Compact Portable Container House\Office - Model 0206
    Introducing our Foldable Mobile Compact Portable Container House\Office - Model 0206, a versatile and efficient solution for your portable housing needs. This innovative folding mobile house offers convenience, durability, and a comfortable living environment. With its ordinary standard double glazing, the container house ensures excellent insulation, keeping the interior cozy and energy-efficient. The fire-resistant aluminum plates provide enhanced safety and long-lasting durability, giving you peace of mind wherever you go. The plastic-steel window with a grid net design adds a touch of elegance to the structure while allowing ample natural light to brighten the interior. The spacious layout includes one toilet and one shower, providing essential amenities for a comfortable living experience. Measuring 19 feet in width and 20 feet in length, this foldable mobile house offers a compact yet functional living space. Its folding design enables easy transportation and hassle-free installation, making it ideal for various applications such as temporary housing, construction sites, disaster relief, office, dining room, classroom, clinic, isolation or quarantine room, or even personal getaways. Weighing 3350 kilograms per set, the Foldable Mobile Compact Portable Container House\Office - Model 0206 is lightweight yet sturdy. With its clever design, you can maximize the use of available space while maintaining a cozy and comfortable living environment. For shipping convenience, this container house is designed to be loaded in sets of two, and two sets can fit perfectly into a 40 ft High Cube container. Choose the FFoldable Mobile Compact Portable Container House\Office - Model 0206 for a flexible, practical, and comfortable living solution that is ready to accommodate your needs wherever you go.
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